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Many parents prepare with special care for a photo shoot of a baby by months, looking at different images in detail. Of course, the kids will not remember anything about these days or the first year of their lives, but when they grow up, they will probably thank their mom and dad for keeping the memory of such an important period.

You can show the stages of your child's maturation by taking a series of pictures every month. We offer you some interesting ideas on how to do it more creatively.

1.       Take a picture of your baby with a large soft toy every month. These photos will show how fast your baby is growing: in the first month he was smaller than a toy, and by 12 months he was already "giant".

2. A great idea for photos of children under the age of one will be a joint photo shoot of the baby and his mother. It is possible to make a photo even at the stage of pregnancy. It is important that the wardrobe on all pictures was made in the same range.

3.       Take a picture in the same basket. Photographs will also show you the stages of maturation.

4.       Take pictures against the background of the numbers of months laid out from different objects and things (toys, baby hygiene products, flowers, vegetables, baby socks...).

5.       Body pictures with a number or with stickers. They are sold in many shops, but they can also be simply found on the Internet and printed by yourself.

6.       A great idea is to take a picture of a child with his parents so that only faces are in the picture. Take this picture every month - watch you all change together.

7.       Take a picture of a child with a balloon with a number equal to the age of the child. 1 month - 1 balloon, 2 months - 2 balloons, etc.

8.       The number from the photo cards. Use family cards to make a number that is appropriate for the month of the baby and place it next to the baby. You'll get a great picture.

9.       A plaid or sheet with inscriptions that serves as a background, and you choose the right month.

10.     Take a picture with the clock where the small hand will show the month of the child.

11.      The child can be a direct part of the number itself. You'll just have to put it in the right way and comfortably.

12.     4May also take a picture of a child with balloon numbers.

13.      Take a picture of the baby next to the birthday cake.

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas about photo shoots by month. Take a look and choose the one that best suits your preferences.

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