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Kids fashion summer 2021

admin 2021-05-21

In the closet of little fashionistas the most popular element is dresses. This season in fashion children's dresses are made of light fabrics, mostly in soft pastel colors, several directions and styles are combined in one dress, the presence of cells and stripes on dresses, delicate spring prints (flowers, buds, etc.).

Little fashionistas are very fond of different blouses. Choosing a blouse for a child this season should pay attention to: girls' blouses with various details (bows, ruffles, ties, contrasting inserts, drawings), blouses in different colors (purple, soft turquoise tone, milky shades), youth blouses with a fitted waist, or vice versa - with a loose silhouette.

Children's skirts are a real hit and trend of the season. Every girl wants to feel like a little beauty who will be noticed. Therefore, when choosing a skirt, you should pay attention to the latest trends. This year, you can easily buy a classic cut skirt (straight), puffed skirt with ruffles, skirts model "bell", skirts model "tulip".

Discuss some of the items in the closet for boys.

T-shirts for boys.  There are many options for children's T-shirts for boys. The main trends are: polo shirts, stylish T-shirts with a V-neck, sporty kind of rugby shirts.

Each of the options can be different styles, colors. For every day of summer is perfect for T-shirts with bright prints, inscriptions, numbers. 

Pants and shorts for boys. When choosing such clothes, remember that the fashion of this season is characterized by restraint and sophistication. This season, classic pants and pants transformers are in fashion. The first type will suit any celebrations and events. And the second option is simply universal pants. They can turn into breeches or shorts in one moment. 

Shorts for boys can also be classic, and can be denim or sports. It all depends on your views and taste.

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