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Smartphone addiction is a cause of speech delay

admin 2021-09-24

There are countless cases where, at the stage of rapid speech development, it turns out that from an early age the child was fed, spent most of the day in the company of the phone. As a result, before fully understanding the sounds of the native language, the child is simultaneously watching cartoons in Russian and English. If you add to this the factor of an uncooperative family, you can clearly imagine the chaos in the child's head. Phone addiction has a more negative effect. The child disconnects from reality, creating a virtual reality for himself, talking and moving in the style of cartoon characters and games he watches all day.

In parallel, as the child grows older, the problem worsens if you don't limit phone addiction during the day.

The alternative is one. Take drastic steps, tear your child away from smartphones and TV for a long time, increase his physical and cognitive load, communication with the outside world and nature.

Talk, tell, describe to your children the world they live in. Do not replace live communication with an artificial, cold, faceless phone!!!

Sincerely, Lusine Musaelyan, behavioral specialist, Kana Psychological Center.


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